The #1 NEW Cryptocurrency I’m Betting On for Record Breaking Gains When the Market Rebounds

This isn’t just a “hot pick”... it decentralizes a $4.5 trillion industry! And because hardly any investors have heard of it (yet), it currently trades for well under $1. I don’t expect that to last!

Dear Crypto Investor,

If you’re looking to find the next breakout crypto and hoping for gains exceeding 10,000%, then this is the most important message you’ll read this year...

Because I’m about to share with you my #1 cryptocurrency pick for September 2022. 

As you’ll see, it has the enormous potential to completely revolutionize the entire industry… and bring incredible gains to anyone who believes in it early on (aka, RIGHT NOW).

Even better, with prices currently low in the market, this coin trades for well under $1… 

Meaning it could bring you an absolute fortune if it skyrockets, even if you only have a small amount to invest right now.

But be warned...

As I'm about to show you, this crypto isn't only good in theory... it just made a real-world historic transaction that fundamentally changes what a cryptocurrency can do.

And while most everyday investors don't have a clue what just happened, J.P. Morgan, Blackrock, and the Monetary Fund of Singapore have joined forces to move trillions worth of assets onto the blockchain using the same technology.

Which is why I'm betting this new crypto could be one of the first coins to recover and skyrocket before most investors even know its name!

As you likely know, the crypto market is unpredictable and could rebound at any time... 

So read closely, because I assure you, you do not want to miss this one:
Why This New Cryptocurrency Could Easily Lead 2022 In Gains
Why My #1 Crypto Pick Could Easily Lead 2022 In Gains
It’s no secret that massive corporations play by different rules than the “little guys”.

Fortune 500 companies like Google or Microsoft literally hire full-time teams of bankers.

These bankers have one job: raise capital for the mega-corps at rates that are impossible for small businesses or individuals to ever see.

While there is the illusion that anyone can start a business or buy a house, the reality is we'll never come CLOSE to getting a loan on the terms of a Fortune 500 company. Which is why any industry they enter, they dominate…

That is, until now…

My top crypto for 2022 kicks down the door by putting “real world assets” (RWA) on the blockchain. And, for the first time in history, it enables small businesses and individuals to compete with corporations on financing!

But that’s just the beginning… 

See, not only can smaller players get money at rates comparable to what Fortune 500 companies with entire teams of bankers can…

Smaller lenders can pool together to provide this funding! 

This opens up an entire new class of investment opportunities to everyday people like you and I, allowing us to earn considerably more interest than anything offered by banks today.

Are you seeing the potential?

This cryptocurrency literally decentralizes a multi-trillion dollar industry…

And is THE leader in using blockchain technology to do so!

None of this is just theory, either…  

In fact, this crypto just made history as the first real-world asset loan on the blockchain network!

That's why J.P. Morgan, Blackrock, and the Monetary Fund of Singapore are all working together, scrambling to bring trillions in tokenized assets onto the blockchain. They see the writing on the wall and they want to get their piece of it.

Which is why I predict that real-world assets on the blockchain will be one of the HOTTEST, most profitable sectors in crypto very soon…

Potentially dwarfing new hyped up sectors like metaverse and DeFi.

Even better… 

This #1 new crypto crypto is built on Ethereum. Which means with the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 (The Merge) update and the "triple halving", it could potentially shoot through the roof! 

And you can literally pick-up this crypto today for a fraction of a single dollar... 

Are you excited yet? You should be! 
My Track Record For Discovering 
Breakout New Coins
My Track Record For Discovering Breakout New Coins
It’s easy to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum, and over time, these cryptos have gone up…

But if you are looking for the real life-changing gains of 1,000% - 10,000%+, you likely won’t find those in the #1 or #2 cryptos…

Or, honestly, any of the top 100 currently listed on 

No, the secret to massive, life-changing gains is to discover new, game-changing projects before they pop-off.

Projects like KSM, which dominated 2020 with gains over 7,000%...

Or Solana in 2021, which saw gains over 17,500%!

That turns $1,000 into $175,000… or $10,000 into $1.7 million… 

But here’s the problem… 

Most everyday investors will not hear about the best projects until it’s too late. 

In fact, the only cryptos you’re likely to hear about before they hit $1 are rug pulls, shitcoins, and flat out scams! 

I have a remarkable track record with finding new coins…

In fact, I put out a list of “microcoins” at the beginning of 2021.

Just a few months later, many of these coins hit their peaks in the 2021 bull run, giving anyone who followed those picks potential gains of:
  • ​2,650% with OCEAN
  • ​754.17% with KNC
  • 3,500% with PRE
  • 1,743% with ALBT
  • ​And a whopping 15,026% with KDA!
So how can I come up with picks like these when most other investors can’t?

Simple – I’m one of the most connected crypto investors on the planet. I’m co-host of the world’s #1 crypto podcast, Crypto 101, with over 9,000,000 downloads and counting.

I’m also the co-author of Crypto Revolution, a self-published book that’s sold over 60,000 copies to date. 

I've interviewed virtually every top expert, trader, developer, CEO, and hedge fund manager in crypto... many of whom I’m lucky enough to now consider close friends. 

This puts me in a very unique position… 

Not only do I hear about projects before almost anyone else… 

These projects are actually legitimate and capable of seeing massive gains!

So when I put out the alert on a potentially revolutionary new project trading for under $1, investors all around the world scramble to hear what it is. 

That’s why my paid, private investment group currently has over 18,000 active members… 

This group is called Cryptnation and costs $49.95/month to join…

And I get emails everyday from members talking about how they’ve earned back their investment many times over, and that joining Cryptnation was the best decision of their entire life.

But at the same time, I realize that money is tight right now.

Between soaring inflation, food, and gas prices, a stock market that’s teetering on full-blown recession, and crypto prices on the floor, I understand if you’re not currently a paying member of Cryptnation.

Which is why I’m doing something I’ve literally never done before… 

I’ve decided to share our #1 pick of 2022 with you for less than the cost of a soda!
Get Instant Access to My Top Crypto Pick of 2022… Plus an Entire Report + Video Explaining Why and How I Recommend Trading It for the Cost of a Large Soda!
Get Instant Access to My Top Crypto Pick of 2022… Plus an Entire Report + Video Explaining Why and How I Recommend Trading It for the Cost of a Large Soda!
As you now know, my #1 crypto pick for 2022 has absolutely breathtaking potential… 

And based on my track record, it’s worth taking seriously.

I could easily see this cryptocurrency lead gains this year… 

In fact, I’m betting on it!

And with all the action happening right now with tokenized real-world assets, this crypto could absolutely pop-off soon, taking the world by complete surprise! 

That's why I believe it's critical you don't wait a minute longer to invest in this crypto!

Normally, you’d have to be a part of my private community that costs $49.95/month to get the name and research for this crypto… 

But because the economy is so rough right now, and I truly believe this crypto could change your life, I’m willing to send you the name + an entire report breaking it all down for just $3!

There is no catch.

In fact, in the extremely unlikely event you’ve already heard of this crypto… 

Or even if you go through the report and don’t see the potential like I do…

Simply send me an email and I will instantly refund your $3 with no questions asked.

I am hoping you will see the massive potential of this crypto and take immediate action, especially while prices are down in the market.

To get instant access to this cryptocurrency + the report, fill out the form below: 
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