Get instant access to an insanely powerful step-by-step strategy you can use right now as the crypto market plummets…

How Smart Investors See Their Biggest Crypto Gains When The Market Crashes!

How Smart Investors See Their Biggest Crypto Gains When The Market Crashes!

This breakthrough guide shows how to take advantage of the "Fall of FTX" step-by-step, and use upcoming "bear market pumps", relief rallies, and insane volatility for massive gains! 

Dear Crypto Investor,

Just a week ago, 99% of the crypto market believed FTX was rock solid...

But now we know the truth:

Crypto prices are down and “newbie” investors are in an absolute panic, desperately selling as they watch the value of their portfolios plummet.

But before you make any rash decisions, you need to read this…  

Because what I’m about to show you could not only instantly dispel your anxiety and give you peace of mind about what’s happening in the crypto market right now… 

It’ll activate your “greed glands”... get your blood pumping… and make you more excited about crypto right now than you’ve ever been before…

Because FTX has imploded and it will likely be months before the true damage is known... 

In the meantime, insane volatility is creating HUGE new opportunities that savvy investors like yourself can use to make huge gains!

But please be warned…

The strategy I’m about to show you only works while the market is down – exactly like it is right now…

And as we've seen, relief rallies and bear market pumps can turn things around in the blink of an eye... 

Which means if you don’t use this strategy right away, you’ll likely miss your chance to do so… along with your chance to see potentially life-changing returns!
Here’s Why It’s Extremely Risky To Sell 
Your Crypto Right Now
Here’s Why It’s Extremely Risky To Sell 
Your Crypto Right Now
If you’re thinking about selling your crypto right now, think again…

The dip has already happened. The damage is done. 

And while you might think you can sell now and buy back at an even lower price, what’s more likely to happen is that you’ll sell now, then miss out as the price spikes back up! 

This is why most “mom and pop” investors fail to make any money investing… much less a life-changing fortune… even in the highly lucrative crypto market:

When a dip hits, they panic and sell. 

And it’s only when they see prices climbing back that they buy back in.

This kind of “buy high, sell low” loop is never ending for most investors… but it doesn’t have to be for you.
The Secret to Life-Changing Crypto Gains that Could Fundamentally Change Your Life
Today I’m going to show you an incredibly powerful strategy that is working gangbusters in the market right now.

Not only that…

You can use this strategy every time the crypto market crashes! 

If you’ve been a crypto investor for any time at all, you know dips, corrections, and crashes generally happen multiple times per year.

With this strategy, you’ll have the ability to target profits each time that happens! 
But First, Here’s Exactly Why You 
Should Listen to Me…
But First, Here’s Exactly Why You Should Listen To Me...
My name is Bryce Paul, and since 2018, I’ve made a name for myself as the guy everyday investors turn to when they want to hear about the major gains crypto is so famous for.

I first discovered cryptocurrency in 2015…

And during the 2017 bull run, I was able to make so much money that I quit my job for good. I then spent the next four years traveling all over the world, studying with top blockchain developers, top 1% crypto traders, and even the founders of some of the most popular crypto projects today.

In 2018, I became the co-host of the one of the world’s largest crypto podcasts, Crypto 101, and have since interviewed some of the biggest names in crypto:
  • ​Changpeng Zhao (CZ): Founder / CEO of Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange... who may be THE most pivotal and important figure in all of crypto today! 
  • ​Joe Lubin: Founder of ConsenSys, the company behind Ethereum
  • Brock Pierce: Founder of EOS & Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation
  • And hundreds more… 
I also co-host the Digital Currency Summit, which brings together many of the top cryptocurrency leaders in the world to share their best investing strategies.

With a rolodex full of hedge fund investors, genius developers, crypto project founders, CEOs, and elite crypto traders, whenever something major happens in crypto, I often hear about it before most others do.

I say all of this not to brag… 

I’m telling you this because my life’s goal and purpose is to take my “insider” status and share it with the rest of the world.

Look: I come from a middle class family. But I know the life-changing potential of this emerging, exciting market. I’ve used it to free myself from the rat race… and now I’m working every single day to make sure everyone else who was in my position has the same opportunity.

This means you. 

After trading crypto successfully for five years now, I’ve discovered that the easiest and most lucrative gains often come when the market is crashing.

Which is why the fact that we’re being introduced to each other today is absolute perfect timing! 
Introducing The Most Reliable Strategy I’ve Ever Found… Easy Enough For Investors Of Any Skill Level… And Working Gangbusters In The Current Market! 
Pay very close attention to this next section…

Because I’m about to share a great strategy I’ve found as a crypto investor. 

It works with any skill or technical level… 

And it allows you to play within your comfort zone… 

And can bring absolutely BREATHTAKING gains at the height of market fear... right when people think gains are impossible!

Even if you’re only working with $1,000, these gains could be life-changing. If you have something more like $10,000 - $100,000 to invest with and you hit the market correctly, we’re talking about possibly building generational wealth over time. 

That being said, although this strategy is simple, I do not recommend you go out into the market right now and start buying willy-nilly.  

You must do two things correctly to make this strategy works:
  • You must know exactly which cryptos out of the 10,000+ available to “buy the dip” with
  • You must know when to sell the cryptos you “bought the dip” with for maximum gains
To help you truly understand these keys… and put them into action right now while the market is primed, I’ve created a step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to buy the dip: 
The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Crypto Dip 
This Step-by-Step Strategy is Designed for Today’s Market
Over the past few years, I’ve become famous for my comprehensive crypto guides…

And I believe this is the most important one I’ve ever written. 

This guide will lead you step-by-step through every aspect of using this strategy correctly every time you see the market plummet.

It’s so powerful… 
You’ll Actually Start Looking Forward To 
The Market Crashing!
You’ll Actually Start Looking Forward To The Market Crashing!
And while every investor around you is panicking and freaking out… 

You’ll stay cool, calm and collected… knowing the dip could bring you your best gains yet! 

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover in this guide:
  • ​A simple, step-by-step strategy you can use every single time the market dips (so powerful, you’ll actually look forward to the crypto market crashing!)...
  • ​The “x-ray vision” technique that quickly spots outlier altcoins with the highest potential to rebound first and fastest…
  • ​Spy on Hedge Funds, Wall Street, and institutional finance and see many of the cryptos they’re buying in real-time during any crypto dip… 
  • ​A simple four point checklist to use before you buy any altcoin during a dip to vet whether it’s really a good investment or overhyped…
  • ​How to quickly see which cryptos developers are focusing on most during a dip. (Coins with high developer activity during dips are highly likely to bounce back first.)
  • ​How to quickly find altcoins with skyrocket recovery potential in each of the hottest crypto sectors (DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, etc). Diversify your way to massive gains! 
  • ​Spot brand-new ICO crypto projects released during dips. Just one of these could potentially lead to the large gains this market is so famous for…
  • F​ree tools and resources that automate the whole process and send you potentially lucrative new crypto opportunities every day (requires very little technical skills and I explain how to use them step-by-step)...
  • ​Three critical metrics you can use to spot the next dip before it happens! (And how to use each of them in detail so you can protect your portfolio and sell while prices are high.) 
  • ​A technique famously used by Warren Buffett while the stock market crashes… that works even better in crypto…
  • ​How to quickly stop the bleeding of your portfolio whenever prices fall… and a path to recover any losses you’ve already faced...
  • ​The exact framework I use to find the 1-5 altcoins likely to skyrocket out of a dip out of the 10,000+ available…
  • ​How to continue seeing returns from your portfolio even when the market goes down…
  • ​How to see massive gains even with only small amounts to invest ($50 - $100)... 
Look: I’ve made sure that this guide contains everything you need to buy the dip right now for maximum gains.

And as crypto continues to grow and spread throughout the Earth, you will have the opportunity to continue gaining and profiting while regular investors panic… thanks to the secrets found within… 

Exactly like the “smart money” is doing right now! 

This guide could easily be worth thousands… tens of thousands… hundreds of thousands… for you as crypto continues to grow.

So, it stands to reason that I could charge an arm and a leg for it and be justified… 

But I’m not going to do that. Not even close! 

Because as you now know, it’s my life mission to bring the rapid wealth-creating power of crypto to the everyday man and woman…

The value of this guide is at least $97…

But because I want to get this guide into as many peoples’ hands as possible during this dip you can pick up your copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Crypto Dip” today… for just $3.
It Will Cost You Less Than A Single 
Cup Of Starbuck’s Coffee!
It Will Cost You Less Than A Single Cup of Starbuck's Coffee!
That’s right – you can order your copy of the Ultimate Guide to Buying the Crypto Dip today for the one-time price of just $3.

There is no catch…

And no other fees of any kind. 

I’ll email you this guide immediately so you can put it into action right away! 
And in addition to this guide… 
You'll Also Get 3 Special Bonuses Immediately Sent To You Absolutely FREE!
You'll Also Get 3 Special Bonuses Immediately Sent To You Absolutely FREE!
 Free Bonus #1
Smart Money Crypto Investing Secrets 
How To Invest In Crypto Using “Smart Money” Strategies!

What can you learn about smart crypto investing by listening to…

The CEO and founder of one of the top crypto lending platforms disrupting the traditional financial industry today?

The founder of the first ICO to secure angel investing funds from Vitalik Buterin (head honcho at Ethereum)?

The CEO and founder of one of the fastest growing token projects whose tokens tripled to $100-million in the middle of the pandemic and lockdowns?

Watch these in-depth video interviews and discover their secrets to turning the current crypto craze into income and wealth!
 Free Bonus #2
Five Hot Crypto Profit Guides 
The Ultimate “Insiders” Collection Of Crypto Secrets!

Your third bonus is a collection of the best secrets we use to invest in the hottest cryptos on the planet. 

Guide #1: Reveals why crypto is unleashing the biggest money revolution in the history of the world… and… how to make sure you don’t get left behind!

Guide #2: Do you know what this crypto code means: “38xFFKmQdY8Ax6e8Gfz4D7Wr9K1CVPUY1a”? Whether you do or not, this is a MUST-READ guide. You’ll learn the key concepts critical for safe and smart crypto investing most people are clueless about!

Guide #3: Don’t even think about buying Bitcoin before you read this. Or you could make these common mistakes (like most people) and cost yourself a small fortune in the process.  

Guide #4: Details the steps to safely placing crypto trades and turning your investments into bigger profits and cash! 

Guide #5: Reveals what we call “The Single Crypto Retirement Plan.” This is our ingenious strategy for building a specialized crypto portfolio. A portfolio packed only with early-stage, small-cap coins. Anyone of which could set you up for life. Just wait until you see this!
 Free Bonus #3
The Cryptocurrency Investment Picker
How To Find The Coins With The Highest Profit Potential!

You’ll get a special report that reveals the step-by-step system we use to evaluate potential crypto opportunities. 

You see, cryptocurrencies are unlike any other investment on the planet. They’re not like stocks, bonds, real estate or anything else for that matter. 

So you can’t use regular methods of determining value. Without a proven system, you could miss out on huge gains… or… even worse… lose money on bad crypto investments. 

In this guide (which you can download in the next few minutes), you get the process and checklist we’ve refined over the years to identify potential big winners, avoid the losers… and… buy and sell based on the trend of any crypto!
(A $350 Value!)
Specifically Written For People Who 
Are Not Tech Savvy!
Specifically Written For People Who Are Not Tech Savvy!
I learned crypto the hard way – combing through pages of internet forums and getting yelled at for asking stupid questions. I wrote this guide so you don’t have to do that. In fact, you won’t have to do anything other than read this guide to safely invest in the current crypto dip.
Here’s What to Do Next
This guide will fundamentally change how you see crypto dips and crashes. The value of this guide is $97.

But because the crypto market is down right now, I’m making “The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Crypto Dip” available for just $3.

When you pick up your copy, I’ll email it directly to you right now – so you can take action on it while the market is absolutely perfect to use this strategy! 

If you’re interested in discovering the secrets to safely and profitably buying the crypto dip, make sure to grab your copy right now:
Time is of the Essence!
Remember that while this strategy is insanely powerful, it only works while the market is in a dip or crash status.

As I mentioned earlier I believe there is some very good crypto news on the way… news that could cause prices to reverse quickly…  

So, your window to use this strategy is likely closing very soon! 

Don’t be one of those investors who only buys when the hype is out of control… that is “buy high, sell low” and will cost you your shirt! 

Grab this guide right now for less than the price of a cup of coffee… I’ll send it to your email right away so you can put it to use right away!
A Bold Guarantee
I am 100% confident that you will love this guide, and find the knowledge within life-changing. 

I am 100% confident that if all you do is use this guide while investing in crypto, you will see the incredible returns that this market is so famous for. 

Although the price of the guide is incredibly low compared to the value it contains, I want to make this a no-brainer for you…

Because I really, really want you to get the rewards of trading the market correctly right now… 

So if within the next 30 days you’re unhappy with your purchase, simply send me an email and I will refund you the cost of the guide instantly… no questions asked…

And you can keep the guide!

So, there’s absolutely no reason not to pick up your copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Crypto Dip” right away.

Remember – your chance to buy the crypto dip could end any second now…  

So make sure you grab your guide right now and put it into action while you still can:
Get The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Crypto Dip! Today For Just $97 $3:
Get your Guide Today For just $97 $3:
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