Crypto 101 Blackbox

Here's the deal.

We recently launched a brand new guide that even our friends are begging us for!

It covers how we’re making 493%, 520%, and as much as 928%, by investing in three Cryptocurrencies (other than Bitcoin). 

When trying to figure out what to name the guide, we decided to keep things simple. We decided to name the guide by what it delivers.

So we've named it, literally, How We’re Making 493%, 520%... And As Much As 928%... Investing In Three Cryptocurrencies (Other Than Bitcoin).  

Most people know us at CRYPTO 101 (Bryce and PizzaMind) through our world-famous podcast. 

Yet we've also gained a reputation for delivering the highest-quality guides out there for investing in cryptocurrencies and making a fortune

We're not exaggerating when we say our guides are a work of art. They're intricately designed, and they're also digital. This means they're updated regularly and stuffed with the most timely and actionable information from the second you read them. 

Just like our other guides, this one is top-notch. And also like our other guides, it's priced at $97. 

However... (And here's the good news)... Since you're new to our world, we've decided to present you an offer that's so good, you can't refuse...

Not only are we going to send you our brand new guide, we're also going to throw in 9 other products... FOR FREE.

All of this is packaged into an offer you won't find anywhere else. And it's available right here, right now only. 

It's called... THE BLACKBOX.

Here's What's inside the Blackbox...

Guide #1

How We're Making 493%, 520%...
And As Much As 928%... Investing In Three Alt-Coins

(Normal Price $97)

Imagine checking your bank account balance…

AND SEEING $303,080!

That would be your reality if you’d put $900 into just three coins in 2017 (Ethereum, Ripple, and Stratis). 

If you’d invested $4,500…

YOU’D HAVE $1,515,500!

Unfortunately, that time has passed. But, we can tell you about three coins we’re invested in right now. Coins that have already earned us well over 100%. Coins that we predict will go up at least as much as those three coins in 2017.

It's all in our new guide, titled...


Listen: If you’re sick of waiting for the future and want to make money with crypto right now, this guide is for you.

In it, we lay out the exact strategy we’ve used to make 377%, 493%, 520%, and 928% returns on our money. Beginners love it because it’s low risk, high reward. Experts love it because they see huge returns on a lot of money.


  • First, you'll get the context of these three coins. We show you our biggest trades ever (including bonus trades on other coins not in the top 3). And we break down the mindset and system behind the trade… what made it possible (so you can replicate it)


  • We show you which three alt-coins you should invest in. And our recommended strategy to doing so… step-by-step.
  • We also break down why each coin is performing so well. The technology and proof of concept behind it. We even give you our research so you can reverse engineer it and see exactly why this is such a big winner (insanely useful for future predictions).
  • You're also going to learn proven strategies to limit your risk. This means you don't lose sleep over your investments… while still being positioned to cash in on the bull run.
  • ​Like every other product at CRYPTO 101, we've made this guide clear and easy to understand. And even though it teaches powerful, timeless concepts, you don't need a degree in finance to see results.


Look: as amazing as our new guide is, it’s just a drop in the ocean as far as profit opportunities in crypto go. And personally, we don’t feel right holding anything back from you. So we've decided to do something crazy. We're going to bundle our other 9 guides… and even though we usually ask $97 for each of them… 

We're going to package them into the CRYPTO 101 BLACKBOX and send them all to you for FREE!

Guide #2

Retire in the Next Crypto Bull Run

(Normal Price $97)

This is our action plan… our exact blueprint… to retire in the 2021 bull run. Because even though buy and hold will pay off 10+ years from now, we want to take every opportunity to earn with crypto.

In this guide, you’ll learn:
  • How the 2021 bull run will be radically different from 2017… and the new, little talked about strategies that will swing the odds in your favor
  • ​Our secret research process that effortlessly discovers alt-coins with 1,000%+ profit potential… before most experts even hear about them (we've never shared this powerful secret before, and you'll quickly see why)
  • ​What time of year the crypto market historically skyrockets, so you can "buy the dip" and get coins at rock-bottom prices (this is how you turn small investments like $100 into $10,000… or even $100,000)
  • ​Our "failsafe" strategy that ensures even if you MISS the right time to sell for some reason, you still keep 90% of your gains. And this guide even goes further than that.
I break down my personal strategy to retiring with far less money than most people think it takes. It has taken us years to develop this plan, and we think you’re going to find it enlightening (especially if you like to travel). 

Again, this guide is 100% free for you.

Guide #3

Make Money in Any Crypto Market

(Normal Price $97)

Did you know there are strategies to make money no matter what direction the crypto market goes? It’s true. And in this guide, we break them all down to you in simple terms. You’ll learn the strategies originally developed on Wall Street (that work even better in crypto). 

You’re also going to learn about one of the most exciting parts of crypto. And that is, you can actually make money without trading. 

Blockchain has opened up all kinds of surprising opportunities to help your money work for you. And you’re going to learn about the ones that work the best right now. 

Guide #4

Finding the NEXT Bitcoin

(Normal Price $97)

We both know that if you’d bought Bitcoin really early… that’s the kind of gains you would’ve seen. Now, even though there is still amazing money to be made in Crypto… it’s not quite that good. Which is why we spend a significant part of every single day looking for the NEXT Bitcoin.

And here’s the secret…

It might not be a cryptocurrency. Yes, we feel it’s most likely the “next big thing” will come out of tokens and Blockchain. Which is why we’ve dedicated our lives to it. BUT, just like Bitcoin was brand-new when it was released, we have our eye on many hot and exciting “future tech” markets that look to be on the verge of popping.

And that’s what this guide is all about. Everything we know about the next BIGGEST investment opportunity. Both within crypto… and outside it! 

Guide #5

How to Avoid All Crypto Scams

(Normal Price $97)

Making money with crypto is about getting in early. The good news is, since you’re reading this, it’s not too late. 

HOWEVER, one other part of getting in early is that it really is the wild west. There are smart scammers out there who are spending their time trying to get into our crypto wallets.

Now, the good news is that if you use it correctly, your crypto is invincible to even the smartest scammers. Protecting yourself to this level isn’t difficult though, if you know exactly what to do. Which is what this guide is all about.

In fact, we're so confident in this guide, that we know after you finish reading it, you won't even worry about scams anymore. When you're dealing with big crypto profits… that's peace of mind that money can't buy. And again… IT'S YOUR FREE…

Guide #6

Buy Coins at Rock Bottom
(and Sell at the Peak)

(Normal Price $97)

On the alt-coin market, there are coins that are overvalued due to unrealistic hype… and undervalued because people haven’t caught on yet.

Unfortunately, often the mainstream media and general peer pressure will push you into bad coins. But not if you read this guide.

We will show you the key metrics that betray a coins true value. You’ll be able to see through the hype like you have x-ray goggles. You’ll spot the coins that are undervalued and buy them at rock bottom prices (so you can make big returns on small investments).

Guide #7

How to Get Everyone Around You Excited About Crypto

(Normal Price $97)

One of the questions we get most is, “how can I explain crypto to my family/friends?”.

This guide makes it fun and easy. Crypto is the most exciting technology today. And this guide gives you all the numbers and facts to prove it. You’ll learn concise, fascinating points that will make complete strangers stop and ask you what you’re talking about. 

You’ll learn the key arguments backing cryptocurrency. Honestly, these are arguments everyone should know BEFORE they invest. Because it really shows how inevitable crypto is.

Guide #8

Your Generation's Optimal Crypto Portfolio

(Normal Price $97)

It goes without saying, but there’s a difference between an 18-year-old and 50-year-old. 

So their crypto portfolios shouldn't look the same.

We’ve put together the idea portfolios for every major age group. Each one is customized based on what that group is looking for. For example, in the 18 year old’s portfolio, we take a more long-term approach. With the 50-year-old, it’s more about what we can get now to maximize cash into the later years.

Guide #9

Earn Passive Income By Lending Crypto Like a Bank

(Normal Price $97)

This is one of the biggest crypto topics in 2021. For the first time, every day people can lend money… and make money… like banks.

It's still in its infancy, but the initial results are staggering. You can make more passive income than any bank is paying. Sometimes… a lot more.

This guide shows you how to get into this red-hot industry. What websites you can trust and which safety precautions you must take to protect yourself. 

Guide #10

How to Turn $50 into $5,000… and $5,000 into $1,000,000

(Normal Price $97)

You don’t need a fortune to make a fortune with crypto. If you pick the right project at the right time, you can turn a small investment into a lot more.
And that's what this guide is all about. We'll show you how to take an investment as low as $50 and turn it into $5,000.From that point, we'll walk you every step through turning that $5,000 into $1,000,000.

Well, that’s a pretty good summary of all the guides we’d like to send you. And each and every one of them is simple and easy to read… even if crypto is a foreign language to you.

This is the highest level of knowledge we know and teach. The most effective strategies on the planet. Brand-new and hyper-relevant for 2021. 

Based on what’s happening in crypto right now, we believe you need to know this info immediately.


If you add up the value of all of these products, it comes out to $970!

But we're not going to charge that much.

Because you're a new member of our community, we're going to throw in 9 of our best-selling guides absolutely free. 

Meaning you're only going to pay $97 for products that normally cost a combined $970, no joke!

GET the crypto 101 blackbox 
with 9 more guides FREE!

Here's a breakdown of everything you'll be getting with the CRYPTO 101 BLACKBOX

  • ​How We’re Making 493%, 520%... And As Much As 928%... Investing In Three Cryptocurrencies (Other Than Bitcoin) - Normal Price: $97
  • ​Retire in the Next Crypto Bull Run - Normal Price: $97
  • ​Make Money in Any Crypto Market - Normal Price: $97
  • ​Finding the NEXT Bitcoin - Normal Price: $97
  • ​How to Avoid All Crypto Scams - Normal Price: $97
  • ​Buy Coins at Rock Bottom (and Sell at the Peak) - Normal Price: $97
  • ​How to Get Everyone Around You Excited About Crypto - Normal Price: $97
  • ​Your Generation's Optimal Crypto Portfolio - Normal Price: $97
  • ​Earn Passive Income By Lending Crypto Like a Bank - Normal Price: $97
  • How to Turn $50 Into $5,000 and $5,000 Into $1,000,000 - Normal Price: $97

TOTAL VALUE: $970.00

YOU PAY: $97!

Together, these guides will be over 275 pages of crucial, timely, and game-changing info for you. And since each of these five guides are valued at $97, you're getting a big free gift worth $873. And when you add that to the $100 you're saving on the first guide (valued at $197 but yours for less than half)...


And you know what else? I’m so confident in these guides that I’m giving you a full 60-days to examine them and the impact they’re having on your life. If you aren’t positively blown away, let us know and we’ll immediately give you a full refund. That’s a full 60-day ironclad money-back guarantee, with no questions and no hassles ever. We promise you that.

Again, this offer is only available on this page. If you want to use crypto to completely transform your life, you need to be decisive. Act now to claim your 10 guides. 

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